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The Safety and Health of our Staff, our Clients, and the Public in General, is and has been at the forefront for OSHA the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This entity has studied Industries Identifying Hazards that could effect the Safety and Health of all interactions related to The Immediate Working Environments.

OSHA 30 for the General Industry, provides Advanced and Detailed Training in the General Industry for Managers, Supervisors, and Field Foremen, to develop their personal and Initial Training, Enhancing their Background and Increasing their ability to understand How to recognize HSSE in the Day to Day Operations of your Business. The Cleaning and Restoration Industry is included within the General Industry and can cross into the Construction Industry Regulatory Sectors which Involve Different Guidelines, Regulations, and Protocol.

Individuals Trained in:

Mitigation of incident to:    ●Personnel
                                             ●Physical Property

The Training becomes essential to the Safety & Health, Environment and Security of your Operations.

CleanSmart Technologies recognizes the importance to provide specialized training that meets the Markets Demands. As our population grows, so too does the increase of events that create exposure to Safety & Health, Environment, and Security.

Our Staff would be proud to be your next step to Improving your Company’s Performance and Profit Margins. Increase the odds for Success and Sustainability of your Business for the years to come through Exploration, Discovery, Education, and the plan to Forge with us by your side in Implementing your Business Future with a staff who’s well Trained, Provides Consistent Professional Services without Costly Mistakes.

OSHA 30 General Industry

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