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Mold Remediation has certainly evolved since its initial inception into the Restoration Industry. The Advances in Technology, the Science of, Process Controls, Procedures, Training in Microbiology, Safety and Health Standards, the Insurance Industry, Containment, Remediation, and the Equipment have revolutionized our exposure and the effects of the Indoor Environment.

CleanSmart Technologies has Prepared a Comprehensive and Technically Advanced Course to Educate and Train Professionals in the Restoration Industry who wish to Advance their Services in this Sector. Our Professionally Trained and Experienced Staff will help you Explore and Discover the Microbiological World and its effect on the Indoor Environment. We will Educate you in the Controls and Measures to Engineer Desired Results utilizing Psychrometric Engineering, Equipment, Processes, Procedures, Complete:

Additional topics for discussion will include:

Applicants must have completed and been verified that a Prerequisite Training (Water Restoration 101) or other Certification has been completed to Qualify them for this Course.

CleanSmart Technologies and our Training Center would be proud to be your next step to Improving your Company’s Performance and Profit Margins. Increase the odds for Success and Sustainability of your Business for the years to come through Exploration, Discovery, Education, and the plan to Forge with us by your side in Implementing your Business Future with a staff who’s well Trained, Provides Consistent Professional Services without Costly Mistakes.

Mold Remediation

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