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Civilization has dealt with the anguish of insects and their effects on our indoor environment. The thought of having something bite, crawl, feed, and use our bodies as a host truly has lasting psychological effects. Their ability to nest or infest our one place of sanctity, our home, makes them especially atrocious. One of the most notorious of these is the Infamous BED BUG.

The Bed Bug has recently made us more aware as to their heinous behaviors and living habits... They feed off of us while we sleep! Their recent news worthy appearance across the US has them earning headlines throughout the media. Yet they have always been around creating havoc.

This course will Educate the Consummate Professional, who recognizes this as an additional stream of revenue, in:

This is a Complete Turn Key Business Training or Training for an Additional Revenue Center within your company’s operations. 

Many Professionals are unaware of this field in the Restoration Industry. Those who have tried without Specialized Training find failure a large part of their portfolio. Education in any Profession is your best Ally! In this case having been Educated in this field will allow your Business to Perform a Miracle for your client in their mind. They in-turn will gain tremendous loyalty for your business and provide far reaching recommendations for your staff and your Business.

Let CleanSmart Technologies and our Training Center be your next step to Improving your Company’s Performance and Profit Margins. Increase the odds for Success and Sustainability of your Business for the years to come through Exploration, Discovery, Education, and the plan to Forge with us by your side in Implementing your Business Future with a staff who’s well Trained, Provides Consistent Professional Services without Costly Mistakes.

Bed Bug Eradication Advanced Training

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