Additional Revenue Centers

The curricula for this course will Examine your Business Structure, Identify and Define Revenue Centers, Consider Examples of New Innovative, or Cost Effective Revenue Centers that one could add to their business or utilize to start a business.

We’ll detail Fixed / Variable Costs, Overhead, Direct / Indirect Labor, Burdens, Projected Revenue, Adjusted Gross and Net Profits for 5 Revenue Centers that are underutilized in the Cleaning & Restoration Industries. 

Those who attend will have a Professional Advantage beyond your competitors and the opportunity to create additional revenue for your business.

Increase your Businesses Stability and Revenue through Exploration, Discovery, Education, and the plan to Forge with us by your side in Implementing your Business Future. Our aspiration is to assist in Your Voyage towards continuous improvement so you and your business can Become and Remain a Leader within the Community.

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